The Word Appears in the Flesh

God’s life progressed like that of an ordinary man

Lord Jesus

    “The time that Jesus had on earth was thirty-three and a half years, that is, He lived on earth for thirty-three and a half years. Only three and a half years of this time was spent in performing His ministry, and, in the remainder, He just lived a normal human life. In the beginning, He attended the services in the synagogue and there listened to the priests’ sermons, and to others’ messages; He gained much knowledge of the Bible. He was not born with such knowledge, and only gained it through reading and listening. It is clearly recorded within the Bible that He asked questions of the rabbis in the synagogue at the age of twelve: What were the prophecies of the ancient prophets? What of the laws of Moses? The Scriptures? And what of man serving God in priestly robes in the temple? … He asked many questions, for He neither had the knowledge or the understanding. Though He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, He was born as an entirely ordinary man. Despite some special characteristics, He was still an ordinary man. His wisdom grew continuously in line with His stature and age, and His life progressed like that of an ordinary man. In the imagination of man, Jesus experienced no childhood, no adolescence, and no middle age; man has the notion that He was born into the life of a thirty-year-old man, and He was crucified upon completion of His work. They believe that perhaps His life did not undergo the same progress as that of an ordinary man; perhaps He neither ate nor associated with man, and was not easily glimpsed by man. Perhaps He was an aberration who would frighten those who saw Him, for He is God. People believe that God who comes in the flesh definitely does not live as man does; they believe that He is clean without having to brush His teeth or wash His face, for He is a holy person. Are not these purely the conceptions of man? The Bible makes no record of the life of Jesus as a man, only His work, but this does not prove that He did not have normal humanity or that He did not live a normal human life prior to the age of thirty. He officially commenced His work at the age of 29, but you cannot deny His entire life as a man prior to that age. The Bible merely omitted that stage from its records; as it was His life as an ordinary man and not the stage of His divine work, there was no need for it to be written down. “

From “The Mystery of the Incarnation (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh


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