The Church of Almighty God|I Saw God’s Miraculous Deeds in the Spiritual Battle

      In 2003, Almighty Gods kingdom gospel came upon me. The fellowship of brothers and sisters allowed me to know God’s three stages of work in saving mankind, that is, the work of the Age of Law, the Age of Redemption, and the Age of Kingdom. The stage of work of the last days, the work of the Age of Kingdom, is the work to judge and chastise man, and purify and transform man, which is a new work based on the last two stages of work. … As I listened to more fellowships, I had an increasing feeling that it is God’s work. In the end, I confirmed that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus.

      Unexpectedly, I was not feeling well shortly after believing in Almighty God. Dizzy and weak, I was unable to lift my feet to walk. Every step cost me much effort. Moreover, I felt nauseous the moment I had meals. Originally, I did not pay much attention to it. Two days later, I found a lot of speckles appeared on my body and there was blood in my urine. The next day, my husband took me to the county hospital for a test. As a result, the doctor told me that I contracted leukemia. My husband and I could not believe this diagnosis and we went to the city hospital for an examination again. But the diagnosis was the same. In horror, I followed the doctor’s instructions to stay at the hospital for treatment. Firstly, the doctor did a bone marrow examination on me. Because the syringe needle was relatively big and it would stick in my marrow, the doctor asked me to press firmly on the needle hole for half an hour and not to let go. Once the grip was relaxed, I may bleed to death. Unexpectedly, I loosened my hand unwittingly. In a few moments, I could not open my eyes and felt very dizzy as if the house were collapsing. Seeing me dizzy badly, my husband planned to put the quilt behind me so that I could rely on it, only to find the quilt I covered up with was permeated by blood. He was scared and hastened to fetch the doctor. The doctor was startled too. So he hurried to give me a blood routine examination. After the examination, he said, “There are only two grams of blood left. We must transfuse blood to you right away or your life will be in danger.” After the transfusion for a moment or two, I began to tremble all over and grit my teeth as if I was taking my last breath. Frightened, my husband hurried to call the doctor again. Seeing this, the doctor pulled the needle out and said, “Stop the transfusion and use blood serum instead.” However, I trembled all over again immediately half of the blood serum was transfused to me. Blood serum was still incompatible, so they eventually tried transfusing blood platelets to me. The doctor said seriously, “If still incompatible, then we cannot help. It depends on your luck.” However, I had an allergic reaction almost before he had finished speaking. He hastened to pull the needle out, shaking his head, said, “Any transfusion is incompatible, so there’s nothing we can do about it.” In hearing his words, I was dumbfounded and my heart was full of anguish as if it was stabbed by a dagger. Shedding tears unceasingly, I thought: Will I depart from the world in this way before I am 40 years old? Am I really incurable? In agony, I then thought: Since I have believed in Almighty God, why do I get this incurable disease? Why does not God protect me? Thinking of these, I got extremely muddled. Several days later, I had a fever due to serious blood shortage. My temperature became increasingly higher, and I had a terrible pain in my abdomen as if it was burning. Seeing me running such a high fever, my husband ran to get the doctor. The doctor said, “As her blood is deficient, high fever will get steadily severe. Transfusing blood is needed at once.” Afterward, I was given a blood transfusion in the next three days. Nevertheless, the result was the same as before. Ultimately, the doctor threw up his hands: “If you can’t receive blood transfusion, your fever won’t be reduced only by intravenous drip. Frankly speaking, this disease is incurable. Now we can only maintain your life by intravenous drip.” I felt I was sentenced to death by these words. Fear, helplessness and hopelessness overwhelmed me. Knowing there were few days left in my life and thinking I would never see my husband and our two kids, I could not help bursting out crying. My husband, restraining his tears, comforted me: “Don’t worry. You will be OK. You believe in Almighty God. He will protect you.” His words reminded me: Yes. The God I believe in is the almighty and only true God. Although I have neither accepted His new work for a long time nor been certain about His new work, yet I believe He will listen to my prayer as long as I truly call upon Him. At that time, a glimmer of hope appeared in my despairing heart. I fought the pain and hastened to kneel beneath the cover, calling out to God in silence, “O Almighty God! Now I get an incurable disease and I am dying. I feel very distressed, but I know You created the heavens and earth and all things, as well as this mankind. Man’s life is bestowed by You and You govern man’s life and death and the vagaries of man’s fortune. O Almighty God! My life is in Your hand and I will commit my disease in Your hand. If it is time for me to die, I’m willing to obey Your arrangement.” After the prayer, my heart calmed down gradually and I did not feel so nervous or scared.

       Surprisingly, I saw God’s marvelous deeds after the prayer. The doctor tried giving me a blood transfusion once more. This time I did not feel sick at all throughout the transfusion. I felt grateful to God in my heart for having experienced His protection for me and seen His authority and power. About ten days later, the doctor came to give me a routine blood examination. After the results were out, the doctor said excitedly, “Your blood rises so fast from two grams to seven grams. Now you can receive chemotherapy treatment.” I once heard that chemotherapy is the most painful treatment and is unbearable to most people. Much to my surprise, I didn’t feel any pain throughout the chemotherapy, nor did I have any reaction. I knew this was also God’s protection for me. At that moment, I felt too excited to express my gratitude to Him. I only thanked and praised Him in my inner heart. After that, the doctor asked me to stay at the hospital for another half a month, and then receive another chemotherapy treatment. I thought: At the beginning, I could not receive blood transfusions. But later, I could receive it and I felt no pain throughout the chemotherapy treatment. These experiences enabled me to realize everything about man is ruled by God. Science is unable to determine man’s life or death. In addition, considering that we were not rich and my health was on the mend, I decided to get out of the hospital. Before leaving, the doctor advised me, “This disease may recur soon. Remember to come to receive chemotherapy treatment half a month later.” Then, I got out of the hospital.

      After returning home, Sister Wang and Sister Zhang came to see me immediately they heard I was back. I told them my confusion, “When I was seriously ill, I prayed to God. He heard my prayer and made my health improve miraculously. I did not even have any pain in the whole process of chemotherapy. I know He was protecting me secretly. But I don’t know why I get this disease.” Sister Wang took my hands and said kindly, “Sister, we have been deeply corrupted by Satan. It is normal for us to fall ill. Moreover, God’s work in the last days is the last stage of work in saving mankind. Satan does not reconcile itself to failure, so it uses a variety of ways to disturb us and hinder us from accepting God’s salvation. For instance, we may encounter family strife, sicknesses and something untoward, etc. It really is true that wherever there is God’s work there will be Satan’s disturbance. As to Satan’s disturbance, let’s read the words of Almighty God.” She took up the book of God’s words and read, “God uses His management of people to defeat Satan. By corrupting people, Satan brings people’s fate to a close and harasses God’s work. On the other hand, God’s work is the salvation of humanity. Which step of God’s own work is not meant to save humanity? Which step is not meant to cleanse people, to make them do righteousness and live in a manner that creates an image that can be loved? Satan, however, does not do this. It corrupts humanity; it continuously carries out its work of corrupting humanity throughout the universe” (“You Should Know How the Whole of Humanity Has Developed to the Present Day”). “In My plan, Satan has ever snapped at the heels of every step, and, as the foil of My wisdom, has always tried to find ways and means to disrupt My original plan” (“The Eighth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe). Sister Wang fellowshiped, “From the beginning of managing mankind, God has engaged in a spiritual battle with Satan. He does work to save mankind; Satan, however, trailing along behind, uses various ways to disrupt, harass and demolish God’s work, making us suspect God’s work, and then stray from Him and betray Him. In this way, Satan attempts to make God’s plan of saving man fall through. We know, in the final age, God embarks on new work to save us from the bondage of sin. This time He will save us completely and destroy the old Satan, so that it will never rise again. However, Satan is unwilling to leave the matter at that. It tries every possible means to disturb God’s work of salvation in the last days. It schemes to wreck our normal relationship with God by these sudden disasters, wanting us to perish together with it. Therefore, the spiritual battle in the last days seems extremely intense. Everyone who comes before God will face Satan’s attacks and disturbance. However, God pays no attention to it and permits it to do this. He only pays attention to expressing words to guide man from the positive side, showing us the way and infusing us with His words through Satan’s service. On the one hand, we can learn to rely on Him and increase in faith in Him because of His words. On the other hand, we can have some clear discernment about the ugly face of Satan and hate it more in our hearts, so that our will to pursue the truth and follow God will be stirred up. This is God’s wisdom. …”

      After hearing her fellowship, the doubt in my heart was dispelled instantly. It turned out that every step of God’s work is to save man. Satan, however, snaps at the heels of every step to disturb and destroy God’s work, not allowing man to follow God and worship Him. Satan is afraid that I follow Almighty God and be saved by Him, so it attacks me with this disease, so as to shake my faith in following God, make me suspect Him, stray from and betray Him, and eventually be destroyed together with it. So evil and wicked its motivations are. Afterward, I saw God’s words, “God’s word is potent medicine! Put to shame the devil and Satan! If we grasp God’s word we will have support and His word will quickly save our hearts! It dispels all things and sets all in peace. Faith is like a single log bridge, those who cling abjectly to life will have difficulty in crossing it, but those who are ready to sacrifice themselves can pass over without worry. If man has timid and fearful thoughts, they are being fooled by Satan. It fears that we will cross the bridge of faith to enter into God. Satan devises every way possible to send us its thoughts, we should always pray that the light of God will shine on us, and we must always rely on God to purify us from Satan’s poison. We shall always be practicing in our spirits to come close to God. We shall let God have dominion over our whole being” (“The Sixth Utterance”). Yes. Satan attempts to make me timid and fearful through this disease, and make me suspect God, lose faith in Him and reject Him. However, “God’s word is potent medicine!” With God’s words as our support, we will have faith and resolutions to follow Him and will no longer fear Satan’s disturbance and attacks. Therefore, I shall rely on God’s words to triumph over the attacks of Satan. No matter how serious my disease will be and no matter how long I can survive, I won’t suspect and complain to God any longer. All I desire is to obey the orchestrations and arrangements of Him, to stand testimony for Him and to bring shame upon Satan. At that moment, my heart was relaxed and I was no longer controlled by my disease. And I had faith in God’s work.

God’s Miraculous Deeds in the Spiritual Battle

       From then on, I read God’s words every day. Every time I read His words, I forgot I was a patient, a dying man. Unknowingly, my fever was gone; I did not feel so aching and had some strength; I was not dizzy and could see clearly; My health was on the mend day by day. One day, when I walked on the street, people in the village who were going to do farm work passed by me, looking me up and down, and said, “It’s really unexpected! You are so lucky! We heard you got an incurable disease. It is unimaginable that you recover so soon.” I told them in my heart, “It is Almighty God who saved me and gave me a second life.” Seeing that I had a good appetite, my husband took me to have an examination in the hospital. Holding the examination results, the doctor said in surprise, “You are all right. What a surprise! Your blood has risen to more than ten grams without blood transfusion. You are so lucky! I have seen many patients like you, but I have never seen a patient, whose blood can rise without blood transfusion. You are the first one. To be honest, leukemia is incurable. You look all right and patient like you is seldom seen.” I smiled and thought, “It really is God who saves me. God is too almighty and too extraordinary!”

    Since I got out of the hospital and went back home, I had never received chemotherapy treatment. After a certain period of time, I was fully restored to health. Later, my husband also believed in Almighty God for having seen His miraculous deeds. In order to repay God’s grace, I offered to fulfill my duty. Seeing that I had just recovered, sister arranged for me to take on hosting duties. After a while, I threw myself into the gospel preaching. From then on, I began to preach the gospel and testify to God together with brothers and sisters.

Source from: https://www.findshepherd.com

Eastern Lightning, The Church of Almighty God was created because of the appearance and work of Almighty God, the second coming of the Lord Jesus, Christ of the last days. It is made up of all those who accept Almighty God’s work in the last days and are conquered and saved by His words. It was entirely founded by Almighty God personally and is led by Him as the Shepherd. It was definitely not created by a person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. God’s sheep hear God’s voice. As long as you read the words of Almighty God, you will see God has appeared.

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