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What did God do before the management of God

💖“The work of God’s management began at the creation of the world, and man is at the core of this work. God’s creation of all things, it can be said, is for the sake of man. Because the work of His management stretches over thousands of years, and is not carried out in the space of mere minutes or seconds, or a blink of an eye, or over one or two years, He had to create more things necessary for the survival of man, such as the sun, moon, all sorts of living creatures, and food and a living environment for mankind. This was the start of God’s management.”

snn God's creationg for His management

❤️“Speaking of the larger environment, God made all things interconnected, mutually intertwined, and interdependent. He used this method and these rules to maintain the survival and existence of all things and in this way mankind has lived quietly and peacefully and has grown and multiplied from one generation to the next in this living environment up to the present day. ”

moon God creates for the management of God

💓“Man should live abiding by God’s plan. In some places there is no air, therefore people cannot live there and God won’t allow you to go there. So, don’t go out of bounds, this is for mankind’s protection and these things are very mysterious. Each corner of the environment, the length and breadth of the earth, and every living thing on the earth—both the living and dead—were prepared by God and He thought through them: Why is this thing needed? Why is that unnecessary? What is the purpose of having this thing here and why should that go there? God had already thought all this through and there is no need for people to think about them. All of God’s creation is so perfect! ”

God creats for the management of God


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