What is home ?

  What is home ? Home is need of all our live and a harbor against all tempests. Wherever we are and whatever we hold office, when we feel tired and unhappy, the great comfort to us is that we can return home. And everyone hopes we can own a happy family all our live. Then where does home come from?

  After I believe in God. I read Almighty God‘s words. I know the answer. How is from God’s love.

HK-20171007-A03-ZB (1)

  “God created this world and brought man, a living being unto which He bestowed life, into it. In turn, man came to have parents and kin and was no longer alone. Ever since man first laid eyes on this material world, he was destined to exist within the ordination of God. It is the breath of life from God that supports each living being throughout his growth into adulthood. During this process, none believe that man lives and grows up under the care of God. Rather, they hold that man grows up under the love and care of his parents, and that his growth is governed by the instinct of life. This is because man knows not who bestowed life or from whence it came, much less how the instinct of life creates miracles” (God Is the Source of Man’s Life).

  “Because of the Creator’s sovereignty and predestination, a lonely soul that started out with nothing to its name gains parents and a family, the chance to become a member of the human race, the chance to experience human life and see the world; and it also gains the chance to experience the Creator’s sovereignty, to know the marvelousness of the creation by the Creator, and most of all, to know and become subject to the Creator’s authority” (God Himself, the Unique III).

  From Almighty God’s words, I know what is home and where is God’s from. It is from the love of God. All the glory to Almighty God. Amen.

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