Eastern Light—Christian Videos

Tell me what’s impossible when God is with us!

Thousands of years ago, David, a little man who was still grazing sheep, defeated the fearsome giant Goliath with only one small stone. Glory be to God!

Today, so amazing to watch the Christian Musical Documentary which is made by a group of ordinary Christians here have performed marvels again with God’s help!

Without great expertise in the Bible, without professional training, without the help from experts, without higher levels of cultural education, without superb intelligence, However, they have made it!

In just less than eight months, this group of ordinary Christians have produced a masterpiece that has won the attention of Christians all over the world—a classic Christian musical documentary “The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything.” How does “the One” lead them? Don’t you want to know?

The full video link:

the one who holds sovererignty over everythingthe one who holds sovereignty over everything

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