A Moving Story Between a Girl and Her Stepmother

Xinyi had a very happy childhood. But later when she learned that the woman she called “mom” was actually her stepmother, she couldn’t accept it and sank into pain. For this reason, she had been estranged from her stepmother for over 10 years, during which time her stepmother was so distressed that she even wanted to kill herself. It was not until they believed in God and opened up to each other that years of misunderstandings between them were removed. Finally, their relationship became closer than that between mother and daughter. Please enjoy the article “A Moving Story Between a Girl and Her Stepmother”.  Praise God!

She and her “mother” had a great rapport in her happy childhood.
In March, the gentle breeze was blowing over the ground. In a farmyard, various flowers were vying with one another in full bloom. The light fragrance attracted a group of bees and colored butterflies, which added beauty to the yard.
In the house, little Xinyi was twiddling with her mother’s hair. “Xinyi, stop. Your little hands are so dirty.” Xinyi giggled and stopped. After a while, she ran behind her mother and started again to play with her hair. “Don’t be naughty, Xinyi. Mom is knitting a sweater for you. Look, there are butterflies and bees on it, which are all your favorite animals. If you continue to disturb me, you will have no pretty sweater to wear.” Xinyi continued playing for a while before she finally stopped. Then she started yawning and pestered her mother to take her to sleep. Her mother put aside the sweater, and tucked her in. Slowly, Xinyi fell asleep in her mother’s embrace. At that moment, Xinyi felt she was the happiest girl in the world. She loved her mother and her mother also loved her.

After she learned about the truth, their relationship broke up.
In the blink of an eye, Xinyi started elementary school. That summer was quite hot. Cicadas continuously chirped in the trees, which was bustling and lively. One day after school, Xinyi faint-heartedly walked before her mother, asking: “Mom, someone said that you are not my real mother and that you only gave birth to my younger brother but not my sister and me. Is that real? They were lying to me, right?” Upon hearing this, her mother became somewhat awkward. She didn’t deny it directly but just asked her not to listen to others. Seeing her mother’s reaction, Xinyi vaguely sensed that what other people said might be true.
In order to confirm her guess, she asked her sister and her grandmother about it. When learning that her biological mother had passed away, Xinyi was very distressed within: “It turns out that my ‘mother’ is actually not my real mother but my stepmother. Why? Why should I live with my stepmother?” For a moment, Xinyi couldn’t accept this fact and burst out crying. As she had learned from the television and the adults that “Blood is thicker than water,” and that only the affection between blood relations was true, she thought that it was impossible that her stepmother would love her as she loved her own son. It was a hot summer, yet Xinyi’s heart was wintry cold …

Because of a conflict, she bore resentment against her stepmother.
The weather in late fall gradually got cool and the yellow withered leaves slowly drifted down from the branches. One day, Xinyi came home from school and told her stepmother that she wanted to buy some extracurricular books. Her stepmother refused her request and said it was enough that she could master the knowledge in the textbooks. Worrying about being criticized by her teacher and laughed at by her classmates, Xinyi insisted that she need those books. However, her stepmother still didn’t agree to buy the books for her. At this moment, Xinyi remembered the word, “Blood is thicker than water.” “She is my stepmother, who has neither kith nor kin with me. So how could she care about my need?” Thinking of this, Xinyi pulled a long face and no longer pestered her stepmother. After lunch, she immediately went to school.
Walking alone on the way to school, Xinyi was weeping: “If it were my own mother, she would certainly buy the books for me. My stepmother doesn’t love me, so it’s no wonder that she grudges spending money on me. I hate her!” At this thought, Xinyi wept bitterly, tears flowing along her face uncontrollably.
Gradually, Xinyi’s classmates all knew her family circumstance. They jeered at her and said, “Xinyi’s mother is her stepmother, who doesn’t love her. We’re not playing with her….” Even her friends who often went to school with her before also instigated other children not to play with her. Her heart was so painful, as if it had been torn up. She complained about her family background and blamed all of her misery on her stepmother: “It’s all her fault. It’s all because she doesn’t love me!”
After that, she disliked her stepmother even more and any trifle could widen the distance between them. Once Xinyi wanted to go to school wearing the new clothes, but her stepmother told her not to wear them until she visited her grandmother, which made her unhappy and give her stepmother the cold shoulder. When her stepmother asked her to do some housework or to help in the field, she would pout and feel unwilling, thinking: “If it were my real mother, she surely wouldn’t have the heart to ask me to do these things.” Sometimes when Xinyi and her younger brother got into disputes, her stepmother would ask her to make a compromise, and then she would think: “It is true that ‘Blood is thicker than water.’ My stepmother just favors her own son.” In this way, Xinyi got more and more defiant. In fall, her stepmother told her to wear more clothes to keep out the cold, but she felt her benevolence was a pretense; even when she got ill, she would not tell it to her stepmother because she thought that her stepmother wouldn’t care about it and that it was better to not say anything; every time Xinyi got a certificate of merit from school, she would just show it to her father and her sister and treat her stepmother as empty air. Although her stepmother was kind to her as before, Xinyi considered it as disguise. She was fed up with her stepmother and complained to Heaven about why she grew up in such a family.

The conflict got more and more serious.
The winter arrived and the cold wind was blowing hard. Once, Xinyi’s stepmother asked her and her sister to gather some branches as firewood. Her sister didn’t want to go because it was too cold outside, for which she was nagged by her stepmother. Then her sister ran out crying. After Xinyi knew this, her aversion to her stepmother changed into hatred, for she deemed that her stepmother didn’t treat her sister well. That night, Xinyi and her sister sat outside staring at the pitch-dark sky. She held her sister, singing, “Mom is the best in the world, a kid who has no mom is like grass. Leaving a mom’s arm, where he can go to find happiness….” While singing, they cried.
At that moment, her stepmother was also crying very sadly. She had never thought that her years of efforts couldn’t break the stereotype image of a stepmother in the children’s hearts. The children didn’t understand her and their grandmother also blamed her. She completely lost her hope for life. Not only did she want to leave this home, she even more wanted to leave this world to end her miserable life. Driven by this thought, she once darted out in front of a speeding car, but the driver stopped the car in time and gave her a good scolding; she had also tried to kill herself by jumping off the building, yet her husband discovered it and stopped her. She had made several other attempts to commit suicide, which in the end were all prevented by others. That winter, the whole family all lived in pain.
God’s gospel untied the knot in their hearts.
When Xinyi was in high school, she, her sister, and her stepmother all accepted God’s gospel of the kingdom. She and her brothers and sisters often sang hymns, had gatherings, and praised God together. Later, she read a passage of God’s words, “Born into such a filthy land, man has been severely blighted by society, he has been influenced by feudal ethics, and he has been taught at ‘institutes of higher learning.’ The backward thinking, corrupt morality, mean view on life, despicable philosophy, utterly worthless existence, and depraved lifestyle and customs—all of these things have severely intruded upon man’s heart.”
From God’s words, Xinyi understood that she was in such pain because she had always been affected by the satanic traditional thinking, “Blood is thicker than water.” She recalled that she and her stepmother used to get along and live happily together. But since she learned that she was not her natural mother, she, bound by the thought of “Blood is thicker than water,” always regarded her stepmother as an outsider because they were not related by blood. So regardless of how her stepmother showed concern for her, she not only didn’t appreciate it but ignored her on purpose and thought she was only passing herself off as being good. When her stepmother didn’t satisfy her requirements, when she showed concern for her own son, and when she quarreled with her sister, Xinyi would become even more certain that her stepmother’s kindnesses to them were not from a genuine heart. So she developed resentment and hatred toward her stepmother, which caused her stepmother to lead a very miserable life in this family and even have the thought of death. At this time, she finally realized how much hurt she had brought to her stepmother. She was particularly guilty and hated herself, and she even more hated Satan, who had poisoned her with the wrong thought and view for so many years, making her unable to distinguish right from wrong. Realizing how irrational she was when she treated her stepmother coldly, she resolved to turn around the wrong viewpoint that Satan had instilled into her and get along well with her stepmother.
Then she read another passage of God’s words, “One has no say in who one’s parents and relatives are, what kind of environment one grows up in; one’s relationships with the people, events, and things in one’s surroundings, and how they influence one’s development, are all beyond one’s control. Who decides these things, then? Who arranges them? … it goes without saying that the formation of all this rests in the hands of the Creator.” “Since the conditions under which a person grows up are predetermined long in advance, the environment in which one lives during this process is also, naturally, predetermined. It is not decided by a person’s choices and preferences, but is decided according to the Creator’s plans, determined by the Creator’s careful arrangements, by the Creator’s sovereignty over a person’s fate in life.”
From God’s words, Xinyi understood that which family she was born in and who her parents are are all God’s predestination and careful arrangements and that they are all the best for her. She thought back on those years: Although I lost my natural mother, my stepmother is diligent and kind, and has desire to make progress. Since coming to our home, she has undertaken the burdens of running a household, bearing hardships without any complaint. Whether in eating or clothing, she’s always taken good care of us three children and done her utmost to treat us fairly. She has completely fulfilled the responsibility as a mother. God arranged such a great stepmother for me. Shouldn’t I be content and cherish her?
Thinking of this, Xinyi couldn’t help praying to God, “Dear God! Thanks for the guidance of Your words. Now I understand the source of my pain. I hate myself for being poisoned too deeply by satanic viewpoint and causing my stepmother a lot of hurt. From today on, I am willing to reverse my viewpoint and get along well with her.”
Through opening up to each other, they removed the misunderstandings between them.
One morning, Xinyi, her stepmother, and her sister had a heart-to-heart talk according to the principle of sharing from the heart. Her stepmother said, “I didn’t buy books for you because at that time our family was so poor that we didn’t even have the money to buy flour. If I bought you the books, our whole family would go hungry. After I scolded Xinrui, I also felt regret. Seeing you two sisters upset made me suffer great pain. In addition, the people in our village pointed at me and made fun of my remarriage behind my back. I couldn’t withstand such attack and tried to kill myself many times. If it were not for God’s salvation, I couldn’t be alive today …”
Hearing her stepmother’s words, Xinyi felt pricked and guilty inside: It was all because of being bound by the wrong thought, “Blood is thicker than water” that I hurt my stepmother and caused too many senseless arguments and troubles to my family. Then she sobbed and apologized to her stepmother: “In the past I was not sensible and always believed that ‘Blood is thicker than water,’ ‘A stepmother does not love another’s child as much as she loves hers.’ This resulted in our relationship becoming worse and worse and brought you so much hurt. I apologize to you….” As she said, Xinyi shed tears of indebtedness. At this moment, her stepmother’s eyes also became moist …
The sun gradually set, casting a cozy glow on the house. Finally, the estrangements among them were completely resolved. If it were not for the guidance of God’s words, who would have had the ability to achieve this?

Restoring the harmonious relationship, they became even closer.
Later on, with the guidance of God’s words, whenever encountering problems, Xinyi and her family would calmly communicate the truth together and no longer got into disputes. Gradually, Xinyi restored the normal relationship with her stepmother.
Once when Xinyi and her stepmother were on their way home from the field, it suddenly began to rain. Sitting on a farm truck, they got soaked through like drenched rats. Then her stepmother took off her coat to cover Xinyi and held her tightly, protecting her from getting caught in the rain. At this moment, Xinyi felt particularly warm and moved, as if she had gone back to her childhood. Her eyes were somewhat moist. She couldn’t help but open her mouth and call, “Mom! …”
The rain was getting heavier and heavier. Xinyi was full of gratitude to God in her heart. It was because of believing in God that she regained her lost maternal love; it was because of believing in God that their years of estrangements and misunderstandings were removed and the whole family regained peace and joy. Thank God! All the glory be to God!

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