I Found the Way to Improve Relationships With Children (Part 2)

Xiaoxue, Malaysia

    One day after dinner, I taught my eldest son how to read Chinese—just the simple words, “Heaven, earth, people, and, soil, daddy, mommy….” I taught him quite a few times, but he still couldn’t write them. He would write the first word and then forget the next one. The anger inside me rose up, I scowled at him and shouted loudly: “How stupid you are! You cannot even learn these few words!” My eldest son was frightened into running to stand in the corner. I scolded him, “Come over here and keep writing!” My eldest son did not come over, so I grabbed hold of him and pulled him onto the chair. Seeing my eldest son’s pitiful look, I felt a stabbing pain in my heart. I cried and returned to my room and prayed to God: “God! As soon as my child displeased me, I could not control my anger. I don’t want to treat my children like this. God, may You help me.” After praying, I slowly calmed down. Continue reading “I Found the Way to Improve Relationships With Children (Part 2)”