Article, the church of Almighty God --- Testimonies

Service of This Kind Is Truly Contemptible

By Ding Ning, Shandong Province

    A few days ago, the church leader arranged a change in my duty. I felt a little puzzled: I worked hard here at my duty, so why suddenly change me onto another duty? Continue reading “Service of This Kind Is Truly Contemptible”

Article, the church of Almighty God --- Testimonies

There Is No Special Treatment in the Church

By Liu Xin, Shandong Province

    After following God over these years, I came to think of myself as someone who has converted some people through preaching the gospel, who works dawn till dusk for the church, has suffered from giving things up and expending myself and has paid a certain price. Continue reading “There Is No Special Treatment in the Church”

Article, the church of Almighty God --- Testimonies

It’s Not Easy to Truly Know Yourself

By Zhang Rui, Zhejiang Province

    After I saw in God’s words that God likes honest people and hates deceitful people, and that only honest people will be saved by God, I began to focus on seeking to be an honest person, to consciously practice speaking accurately, to be objective, practical, and realistic when reporting on issues. Continue reading “It’s Not Easy to Truly Know Yourself”

Article, the church of Almighty God --- Testimonies

The Holy Spirit Works in a Principled Way

By Qin Shuting, Shandong Province

    For some time, whenever I read the words of God, I never felt the light. I didn’t reflect on the reason for that, but just continued to pray to God, asking Him to enlighten me. But when I read God’s words after that, I still didn’t have any enlightenment. Continue reading “The Holy Spirit Works in a Principled Way”

Article, the church of Almighty God --- Testimonies

The Importance of Coordination in Service

                                                   By Mei Jie, Shandong Province

The church recently issued a work arrangement requiring church leaders at all levels to set up a partner (a co-worker to work alongside them). At the time I thought this was a good arrangement. Continue reading “The Importance of Coordination in Service”


God’s Words Have Awakened Me

By Miao Xiao, Shandong Province

    In the past, I used to always think that God’s words “a puppet and traitor who flees from the great white throne” were referring to those who accept God’s work in the last days but who then retreat; to me, they were all people who weren’t willing to endure the pain of being judged and chastised. Continue reading “God’s Words Have Awakened Me”


A Battle of Life and Death

By Chang Moyang, Henan Province

    The words of Almighty God say: “When you rebel against the flesh, there will inevitably be a battle within you.Satan will try and make you follow it, will try and make you follow the conceptions of the flesh and uphold the interests of the flesh—but God’s words will enlighten and illuminate you within, and at this time it is up to you whether you follow God or follow Satan. Continue reading “A Battle of Life and Death”