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God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind (Ⅱ)

Perhaps your country currently prospers, but if you allow your people to stray from God, then your country shall find itself increasingly bereft of the blessings of God. The civilization of your country shall be increasingly trampled underfoot, and before long the people shall rise up against God and curse Heaven. And so the fate of a country shall be unwittingly brought to ruin. God shall raise up powerful countries to deal with those countries that have been cursed by God, and may even wipe them from the face of the earth. The rise and fall of a country or nation is predicated upon whether its rulers worship God, and whether they lead their people closer to God and to worship Him.
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Suddenly Under a Murderer’s Threat, I Was Saved From Danger by God

It was drizzling and the road which usually had a busy traffic became extraordinarily quiet. Holding up an umbrella, a young lady was walking on her way back home when a long sharp knife was suddenly put to her neck. She who was held under a murderer’s threat kept calling out to God in her heart, and finally God saved her from danger. This deep-graved experience made her have her viewpoint totally changed and understand that pursuing the truth is the most valuable thing.

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Movie Review: Where Is My Home— Wandering Spirits Have Found Their Home

I don’t remember how long I have not seen such a film. I only remember I saw it on the strong recommendation of my friend. Next, I sobbed, smiled and grew up along with the heroine. Through seeing this over one-hour short film, I seemed to experience a baptism of life. Wenya’s tragic encounters, her tough growth and her final blissful and content outcome are all so touching. The entire film is impressive, either in its story, in the performance of the actors, or in the thoughts it passes on, it has many commendable aspects. Maybe you will be like me if you are going to finish watching it: At first, you smile as you sob; subsequently, you sob as you smile. In a word, whether we sob or smile, we shall be grateful to God’s love for us and His salvation to us!

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Relying on God in Difficulties Makes My Work Easier

No matter how many difficulties you meet in your daily life, God’s grace is sufficient for us.

I will take an Italian exam in the middle of next month. I am under great pressure. I have a little time to review them because I have to work and take care my daughter at the same time. What is worse, I had failed to register a website 3 times which was bound up with my exam. It drives me to distraction.

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God, you are with us in the storm!

❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️
Today, we have a prayer meeting in my church in the evening. We have the prayer meeting every week. Do you have any prayer request, my dear Sisters and Brother? I can pray for you with my brothers and sisters in my church…

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No Matter How Great the Difficulties are, Please Do Not Give Up

In the course of spreading the gospel, I have experienced some failures. In China which is an atheistic country, I had to face sneering looks, abusing, even cursed. I remember so clearly that time I was cursed by a man when I spread the gospel. If there was not an old sister’s protection, he would attack me…

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Obeying God’s Arrangement, a Bad Thing Is Also a Good One

My husband has arrived safely to his work place for business. Thanks to be Almighty God. His friends there welcomed him warmly. They enjoyed a great dinner together. They haven’t seen each other for a long time and shared their experiences with each other. My husband heard a great experience in the dinner. So he shares it with me excitedly on the phone. I can’t control myself to share with you, my dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus Christ

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How Did I Get On Well With My Foreign Roommates?

By Ganen, Italy

“Ganen, I’m going on a journey. It’s not safe to carry money and the bank card with me, so please keep them for me. Thank you!”

“Ganen, this cosmetic does some good. Please use it, and your pimples will disappear.”

“Ganen, are you free now? Let me curl your hair, and then you’ll look more beautiful.”


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Who’ll Be Wise Virgin? How to Prepare Oil?

The prophecies about the return of the Lord Jesus in the Bible have basically been fulfilled. And it is prophesied that only the wise virgins can welcome the Lord. What exactly are the wise virgins? How should the wise virgins prepare oil to welcome the Lord?

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