How Should We Welcome the Jesus Christ When He Knocks on the Door?

After believing in the Lord, brothers and sisters all like singing the song “The Beloved Is Urgently Knocking on the Door Outside”: “The Beloved is urgently knocking on the door outside. His locks are filled with the drops of the night dew. Come on, get up to open the door for Him; don’t let our beloved walk away. …” Every time we sing it, we are very moved inside, and it has a great impact on us. We all want to keep the beloved, and be the first one to hear His voice and welcome Him when He knocks on our door. It can be said that, we believers in the Lord are all longing for it. But what does it mean that the Lord knocks on the door? And how should we welcome Him when He knocks on our door?

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True Church vs. False Churches: 4 Ways to Clearly Distinguish

Brothers and Sisters of Loving Stage:

Thanks for your last fellowship, and it has resolved my perplexities. Your communication was very illuminating and I really got a lot from it. This time, I’d like to ask another question and I hope to get some help.

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Does the Lord Come to Do Work in the Flesh or in a Spiritual Body? (Ⅱ)


After hearing my words, Peter was moved and said, “You can put aside your notions and imaginations, realizing that the purpose of God’s second incarnation is to save mankind, this is the effect of God’s enlightenment and guidance. Thanks be to God! Actually, when God Himself becomes flesh the second time and does His work, He not only expresses the truth to save mankind, but does a crucial work—separating the wheat from the tares and the sheep from the goats, separating all according to their kind, and rewarding the good and punishing the evil. If the Lord Jesus does His work in a spiritual body when He returns, everyone will treat Him respectfully and won’t dare to resist Him, even the brood of Satan also won’t dare. If so, the Lord will not seize the facts to separate the good from the evil.

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How to Understand the Verse, “No One Knows the Day or the Hour” (Mat 24:36)?

During a Bible study, I spoke out the question that confused me for a long time: “Brothers and sisters, the Lord Jesus said, ‘But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only’ (Mat 24:36). We can see in this scripture that no one will know when the Lord comes back, but why do so many people testify that the Lord Jesus has come? What is this about?” After the words I said, some sank into contemplation, some echoed the words, “Now that you say it, we’d better have a discussion about it.”

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Christian Self-Examination: Are We Qualified in Our Belief?

There was a story telling: A Christian wanted to offer up 10 dollars at the end of a church service. Unexpectedly, he put a 100-dollar bill into the offering box. He regretted it very much. So, he went to the pastor, asking him to give the 90 dollars back to him. But the pastor said the money had gone into the church fund. Helplessly, he said to the pastor that he would think of it as an extra donation of $90 to God. However, the pastor told him that actually he just donated 10 dollars.

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A Money-grubber’s Sharing: Money Cannot Change My Fate

I was born into a poor family, so I worked tirelessly with all my heart and soul, wanting to get rid of poverty. My father could not work because of his poor health; therefore, my mother had to support the family by herself. She suffered severe headache problems, however, because we were poor, she often banged her head against the wall when she was in great pain. We had no money to buy new clothes and ate very less every meal, people in the village despised us and our relatives and friends lived very far from us because of that. My mother also cried because she could not give me a better living condition. I vowed secretly to myself: “I must make a lot of money when I grow up. I want to give my parents a better life and not let anyone despise us again!”

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After Being Tricked Into Pyramid Sales by My Girlfriend …

Because his father was in poor health, to relieve the burden of his family, Xiangyang quit school of his own accord and went to learn the skills of cooking western dishes and of making pastries from his cousin. Two years later, he became an outstanding Western cuisine chef. Xiangyang went to Hangzhou to work in a hotel at the introduction of his classmate.

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Want to Know More God’s Work, Deny Ourselves Firstly

I once read a story, it’s about a frog in a well. One day, a bird landed on the edge of the well. The frog asked where the bird came from. The bird replied that it came from the sky, and after flying for a very long distance, it was looking for some water to drink. The frog burst into laughter: “Stop boasting! How could you have flown a long distance since the sky is no bigger than the mouth of the well?” The bird said: “No. The sky has no limit, it’s very vast!” But the frog insisted: “I’ve been living in the well, and I can see the sky once I look up. I can’t be mistaken.” The bird smiled and said: “I’m afraid you are really mistaken. Why not jump out of the well and take a look?”

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