Bible Devotions: The Clever Samaritan Woman

I believe that many people must be familiar with the story about the woman of Samaria: When drawing water, the Samaritan woman ran into the Lord Jesus who asked water of her. She then recognized that He was the coming Messiah in prophecy during their dialogue.

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Difficulty Is a Stepping Stone to Success

Recently, I met some difficulties in my work. I feel so sad. And I pray Almighty God to help me. And I read God’s words, at the same time, I ask other Sisters and Brother. One of them commend a good article to me. It is talk about what is God’s will behind difficulties? How should Christians face difficulties in their lives? It is God’s love to me.

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Without Holiness, No One Will See the Lord

The sky was dull and the clouds were hanging low, the thunder blaring dimly out from a distance. A storm was striking soon. These days, people were all baked like the cracked land due to the dryness and fervor. At the moment, the cool wind accompanied the drizzle took away the dryness of these days, bringing coolness to people. It was the time for the rain to come. Heyu hurried to fetch the washing in, and then she gazed to the sky while waiting for the arrival of Tao Yun and Zhang Ruirui. Recently they were all busy sustaining the church they each led and hadn’t met for days. So Heyu invited them to her house to have a chat and have an understanding of the situations of the brothers and sisters. Continue reading “Without Holiness, No One Will See the Lord”


5 Keys to Be the Poor in Spirit

1. Don’t Be Arrogant and Truth-hating Like the Pharisees

As we all know, the Lord Jesus brought the work different from that in the Age of Law. Seeing that the Lord Jesus didn’t abide by the law, didn’t observe the Sabbath, the chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees didn’t seek or investigate but arrogantly draw a conclusion that the Lord Jesus’ work went beyond the Old Testament.The PhariseesThey condemned the Lord Jesus, “This man is not of God, because he keeps not the sabbath day” (John 9:16). From the scripture we can know that the Pharisees confined God’s work within the law of the Old Testament, and thereby they recklessly judged and condemned Him and denied His work. Continue reading “5 Keys to Be the Poor in Spirit”


It is so important to be poor in Spirit

When I was practicing spiritual devotions this morning, I read again the following verse in the Bible: “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3), and I thought: Why did the Lord Jesus ask people to be the poor in spirit? And why shall the poor in spirit enter into the kingdom of heaven?

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A meeting makes me think about a serious question Churches

Yesterday I met a friend. I haven’t met her for a long time. She just comes back to Italy from America. She is a devout Christian and has true faith. However, her state is not well recently. She said, “I haven’t felt the Lord’s presence for a long time. When I was in America, I often went to the church. But the pastors and elders preached without light; the faith and love of brothers and sisters have grown cold; there is no previous patience but jealousy and strife between co-workers. They always fight and complete with one another in order to preach on the pulpit and misappropriate church offerings. … In such a church, I can’t feel the presence, blessing and leading of the Lord. For that reason, I feel depressed and even begin to think whether our church has been abandoned by the Lord. If so, am I not going to die of thirst and hardship keeping staying here? Therefore, I come back Italy and want to seek how to differentiate between true churches and false churches. ”
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4 Things Every Christian Should Remember When Getting Sick

My mom was a frail and sickly person. Since my childhood, I remembered there was a drawer at home dedicated to the storage of various medicines, and the drawer was always full. Growing up in such an environment, I heavily relied on medicine during illness, and I would buy the most expensive medication, only hoping I could get better soon. Later, my mother believed in the Lord Jesus, and medicines in the drawer reduced little by little, to the extent that I couldn’t even find cold medication. Actually, what I am trying to get across here is not that we will not get sicknesses due to our faith in God, or we need neither see a doctor nor take medicine during sickness. But rather, when illness comes to us, what kind of attitude should we have? What should we put into practice so as to adhere to the Lord’s will? By experiencing God’s work and praying to Him and seeking His will, I understand some paths of practice.

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Whose Voice Is So Powerful?

I was born in a religious family, and I have many relatives who are preachers. From the time I was young, I followed my parents in believing in the Lord. After I grew up, I addressed to the Lord in prayer: If I could find a husband who believed in the Lord, I would offer myself up together with him in service to the Lord. After I got married, my husband really did believe in the Lord, and in fact became a full time devoted preacher. In order for my husband to feel at ease in his work for the sake of the Lord, and to be able to fulfill his commitment in the presence of the Lord, I actively undertook the burdens of running a household. Although it was a little bit difficult and tiring, my heart was filled with joy and peace no matter how much suffering I endured because I had the Lord as my support.

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Look Back to the Classic Literary Works by The Church of Almighty God and Look Forward to the Wonderful Twentieth Performance

The Church of Almighty God is reportedly about to release a documentary “The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything.” This documentary will meet with the audience for the first time in the near future. To this end, let’s briefly review the development of the chorus’ performances of The Church of Almighty God.

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