What “Midnight” in Bible Prophecy Refers to?

One summer evening, the weather being very sultry, people enjoying the cool occupied the benches of the park by ones and twos. Lisa strolled in the park alone, now raising her head and looking up at the sky, now bowing her head to think, with a face full of worry.

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I Feel the Church Is No Longer a Place to Worship God

The church should be a place for people to believe in God and worship God. Yet, in recent years, our church has become society, the choir has become our church’s cash cow, and even the celebration of Passion Sunday has lost its meaning. The church is no longer a place where God is worshipped. What can we do?

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True Church vs. False Churches: 4 Ways to Clearly Distinguish

Brothers and Sisters of Loving Stage:

Thanks for your last fellowship, and it has resolved my perplexities. Your communication was very illuminating and I really got a lot from it. This time, I’d like to ask another question and I hope to get some help.

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Does the Lord Come to Do Work in the Flesh or in a Spiritual Body? (Ⅰ)

In recent years, some people testified on the internet that God has already become flesh again and expressed words to do the work of judging and purifying man, which has created no small stir in the religious world.

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How to Understand the Verse, “No One Knows the Day or the Hour” (Mat 24:36)?

During a Bible study, I spoke out the question that confused me for a long time: “Brothers and sisters, the Lord Jesus said, ‘But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only’ (Mat 24:36). We can see in this scripture that no one will know when the Lord comes back, but why do so many people testify that the Lord Jesus has come? What is this about?” After the words I said, some sank into contemplation, some echoed the words, “Now that you say it, we’d better have a discussion about it.”

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Once Saved, Always Saved? – Fact or Fiction?

In Misery and Confusion, I Believed in the Lord Jesus

After my graduation, I found a job and worked for two years. During this period of time, my father and younger brother died off, leaving my mother and me to share our life together. During the two years, I spent my days in tears, and couldn’t express the pain in my heart. In order to support my family, I came to the USA to work. At the beginning, I worked in a restaurant and could only get a limited income.

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The Judgment Before the Great White Throne Has Already Begun!

Dear Dad,
It’s been a long time since I wrote to you last time. How are you going lately? I think you also desire greatly to know my current situation in Canada. Thank God! My job is very stable, and all aspects of my life are very good. Please be reassured.

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Have You Found the Secret of Teaching? (II)

Afterward, a student who came from other place transferred to our school. He was so mischievous that other teachers were not willing to take him. Finally, the principal put him in my class. However, in class, he left classroom whenever he wanted to; after class, he often made troubles and fought with low-grade students. As a result, some students, teachers and even some parents of other students came to me to make complaints about him. When I tried to talk with him about these things, he was not convinced at all. At that time, I was at the end of my patience.

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After Being Tricked Into Pyramid Sales by My Girlfriend …

Because his father was in poor health, to relieve the burden of his family, Xiangyang quit school of his own accord and went to learn the skills of cooking western dishes and of making pastries from his cousin. Two years later, he became an outstanding Western cuisine chef. Xiangyang went to Hangzhou to work in a hotel at the introduction of his classmate.

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