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Emulate the Lord Jesus

Emulate the Lord Jesus
Jesus completed God’s mission, the redemption work of all man by giving His cares to God’s will, without selfish purpose or plans. Continue reading “Emulate the Lord Jesus”


Have Firm Love for God in Heavy Persecution and Adversity

41033339_328680097677462_742793595748089856_nThe Lord Jesus once said to His disciples that they preached the gospel for the Lord “as sheep in the middle of wolves ” (Mat 10:16). Continue reading “Have Firm Love for God in Heavy Persecution and Adversity”

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What Is the Most Valuable Thing for Man to Pursue in His Life?

Living in such an acquisitive society, people all believe that we can’t survive without money. Money, fame, and gain are also a symbol of the identity and status of a man in the society. Many people think getting money and fame and gain means success in their career, which is a most valuable life. When God’s gospel come to man, many people even do not want to spare a little time to know how God saves man. They just busy themselves with work and making money and can’t spare any time to attend meeting or read God’s words, which leads to the relationship between God and them becoming more and more distant. Is money, fame or gain really more precious than life? If we just unceasingly make money with the excuse of supporting our family or developing our careers but ignore the voice of the Creator’s salvation for us, and put our belief in God and pursuing the truth aside, when the disaster comes to us, can money and fame and gain really protect us from being destroyed?

Continue reading “What Is the Most Valuable Thing for Man to Pursue in His Life?”